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CodeIgniter 发布 1.7.2 版 | Seventwo Blog
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CodeIgniter 发布 1.7.2 版

2009-09-12 | 分类: CodeIgniter, PHP

EllisLab 发布了 CodeIgniter 1.7.2。有什么新内容?主要的更改如下:

  • 兼容 PHP 5.3.0。
  • 新增购物车类库。
  • 改善表单辅助函数。
  • 在公共函数中新增 is_php(),让 PHP 版本比较更方便。
  • 修改 show_error() 以便发送 HTTP 服务器响应码,并且所有内部错误提示都会发送合适的状态码。
  • 修复了很多 BUG。

1.7.2 版已经在 subversion 中存在了很长一段时间了,并且已经于 7 月下旬兼容于 PHP 5.3.0,不过可以理解的是许多用户并没有使用那个开发中的版本。虽然我也希望能有时间为这个版本多增加一些“大改动”的项目,并把版本号变为 1.8,但时间不等人。我们的许多用户都在 Mac 上开发,但 OS X“雪豹”中的 PHP 是 5.3.0,所以与其让用户继续等待不如先推出这个稳定版–毕竟已经 7 个月没有更新了。虽然如此,也还是有一些惊喜和可喜的变化。敬请享用!

CodeIgniter 1.7.2 下载:

CodeIgniter 1.7.2 在线手册:


CodeIgniter v1.7.2 Released

EllisLab is pleased to release CodeIgniter version 1.7.2 for ready download.  What’s new?  Among other changes:

  • Compatible with PHP 5.3.0
  • Added a new Cart Class.
  • Improvements to the Form helper
  • Added is_php() to Common functions to facilitate PHP version comparisons
  • Modified show_error() to allow sending of HTTP server response codes, and all internal uses now send proper status codes.
  • Numerous bug fixes

Version 1.7.2 has been baking in the subversion for quite some time, and has been compatible with PHP 5.3.0 since late July, but many users understandably haven’t been running from the in-development version.  While I’d have liked to have had time to add a few more “big ticket” items to this release, making it 1.8, time is a cruel mistress.  Many of our users develop on Macs, and OS X Snow Leopard ships with PHP 5.3.0, so we felt is was more important to push out this stable maintenance release instead of waiting for an even later date – it’s been almost seven months since a refresh, afterall.  But there are still a few good surprises, and welcome changes.  Enjoy!

Posted by Derek Jones on September 11, 2009